A statement bridal showstopper that drapes around you in a flexible lace of gold rings to a variety of lifestyle pieces, the collection focuses on the spectrum of your individual styles with a modern appeal. Gold chokers, bracelet designs, diamond studded gold earrings and more give the millennial consumer a range of designs with life beyond the locker. The influence lies in the intricate craftsmanship that combines 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold with the sparkle of brilliant cut diamonds for gold jewellery that is truly unique.

Graduates of Central Saint Martin’s, University of the Arts, London participated in a first of its kind competition for AZVA. The winning collection has a symbolic pattern of seven interwoven circles, designed in London, intricately handcrafted in India to create fine jewellery with contemporary global style.

Conceptualized with a focus on international design and inspired by the idea of Seven bring to life the pattern of interwoven circles that is rich and intricate yet with a sophistication that belongs to fine jewellery

We are excited to bring to you designs from these young creative minds, intricately brought to life by master-craftsmen from India to create versatile jewellery with fresh and global appeal in its true sense

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