Azva glimmer of gold and fresh hues on Vinita Sonak

Feminine and fresh with the elegance of gold for the seven vows, a spot on wedding look as bride to be Vinita Sonak glimmered in mint hues at the Wedding Sutra on location. The 22- karat gold choker from Azva accentuated the soft hues with the graceful textured gold sheet and the playful clusters of beads along the edge. At the centre sat a statement floral inspired medallion with a vibrant red stone to boast. The cuff came in a modern flair of red stone stripes amongst an elaborate layer of spoked contemporary texture. The fingers were kept simple with a touch of bling from the dainty spoked ring with concentric layers and enamelling while the earrings were all about fresh modern reinvention of floral in the glamour of gold.
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