Bride to be Deeksha Dolani exudes a luxuriant versatility in Azva, looking all set to turn heads

The first look is an on trend pairing of mint green and pearl tassels with the Azva polki diamond necklace is the one for you. This reversible jewellery features relief work and floral carvings on gold embellished with diamond polkis while white enamel, encrusted with polki diamonds adorns the other side. Seven graduating crescent celebrate the seven vows with a intricate kada and a statement pearl ring.

The glamour and versatility of the Azva jewellery exude luxury of exclusive design beyond your wedding day. Designed to offer a lifetime of dazzling looks, the modern fine jewellery is handcrafted with intricacies to pair perfectly with contemporary style as well something as simple as a saree. The Azva choker handcrafted with relief work on the rim encases the red center stone. Rows of granules are interspersed with complex filigree designs and overlapping gold scales along the edge strikes a balance between timeless and chic in the second look.

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